Here I bring together my various interests in written form, with content crafted using the assistance of material garnered from impeccable sources that complement my own first-hand knowledge on the subject in question. Often this will involve experience I have quite literally gained in the field, or simply, through the autodidactic acquiring of intelligence in topics where my interest was previously latent, but unconsummated.

You can expect to be regaled with tales of despotism, megalomaniac excesses Central Asian-style, secessionist politics and border disputes usually from the Balkans, the undermining, or upholding, of attempts to protect Europe’s alpine environment, Bundesliga and English football(soccer), and the surreal life of Maribor’s Edvard Rusjan Letalisce(airport). There will also be, on occasion, weary nods towards The United Kingdom’s crackpot planning laws, dressed up as the National Planning Policy Framework(NPPF), and social commentaries which shine a light on the inexorable decay of UK society that few other outlets dare to illuminate.

Undoubtedly an eclectic array of topics and whilst not exactly something for all, I endeavour to repurpose the obscure and niche into accessible, everyman prose on subjects important to me but that otherwise exist under the mainstream media’s radar.