The incomparable literary leviathan Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn witnessed so much evil but never stopped believing in the human spirit.

Has our freedom been earned just so the world can continue to promulgate crass, tawdry capitalism that ultimately never satisfies one’s soul? Was, and in the present tense, total freedom an ideal that has been sacrificed on the altar of consumerism? Freedom gained, but ultimately given away, the quid pro quo arrangement with the capitalist machine only seeks to enslave the individual until a homogenized society genuflects as one before the next generation of ‘must have/be seen to own’ smartphone. Was this the type of freedom Solzhenitsyn envisaged; could a benevolent form of Communism have saved civilization from itself, or does the lack of a God-given instant fix that He doesn’t and never has espoused to offer present fertile ground to the many unacceptable faces of capitalism who seek to seduce the population with the latest piece of ‘indispensable’ expensive plastic?

Are you really free?