The eponymously located hotel portfolio of the now defunct Pohorje Sports Centre has been made available for tender, although at this time it is unclear if the assets can be individually cherry-picked or come as a job lot. 
A process managed by the government quango tasked with overseeing the sale of assets from distressed or obsolete companies, the Bank Asset Management Company(DUTB) are seeking continuity of operation of tourist accommodation so vital to the winter sports scene in Pohorje and Maribor. As the year-long tenancy agreement with current lessee Terme Maribor draws to a close, the DUTB understandably see a seamless transition as not just being important in the short term but also with a longer view of selling the hotels as going concerns, something much easier to do if prospective purchasers see a period of sustained trading rather than accommodation that has slowly decayed whilst lying empty. 
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