In a ongoing programme of expansion outside of Slovenia’s borders, flag carrier Adria Airways have announced its intention to operate services from Klagenfurt Airport, a short journey across the frontier it shares with Austria and based at the heart of its Carinthia province.
Having taken the unusual step of stepping into the breach vacated by the now defunct Estonian Air, committing to operating services on behalf of the newly formed Nordic Aviation Group out of Tallinn’s Lennart Meri Airport, Adria are continuing to seek new opportunities away from its traditional Ljubljana base, highlighting the undoubted limitations of the finite Slovenian aviation market and expensive landing charges imposed on carriers by Fraport, the German-based owners of Brnik. 
Whilst the seasonal charter flights slated to commence next summer from southern Austria will fly under Adria’s livery, the Tallinn services will be operated by Adria under Nordic Aviation’s auspices, albeit using Adria’s Air Operation Certificate(AOC). Crew trained by Adria will use aircraft from the former Estonian Air’s fleet which will fly using the familiar JP prefix code to destinations that include Kiev, Munich, Amsterdam and Trondheim. 
In addition to its Klagenfurt flights to the Ionian island of Cephalonia, services flying under the Adria banner from outside of Slovenia also operate from its bases in Lodz, Tirana and the Kosovan capital Pristina. It remains to be seen if a post-privatisation Adria will recommence operations during 2016 from Maribor’s Edvard Rusjan Airport, in particular its service connecting eastern Slovenia with London Southend, a route the airline concluded to be a moderate success despite it barely registering a ripple with Maribor’s tourism sector.
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