A twelve year old Bombardier CRJ700-class aircraft formerly operated by Lufthansa is over the next few weeks due to enter service with Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways. Joining a similar jet in Adria’s fleet acquired in March that predominantly operates out of their hub in the Polish city of Lodz, the plane is currently in the hands of Adria Airways Tehnika, the aircraft maintenance concern tasked with altering the jet’s livery to Adria’s distinctive design.
Configured to fly up to 70 passengers, the flexible layout can adjust accordingly to business or tourist clientele, although the jet is too small to operate summer charter flights to sunshine destinations, routes usually serviced by Airbus A319/A320 aircraft. Whilst it is assumed that Adria ‘acquired’ the CRJ700 on Wet Lease terms rather than a vastly more expensive outright purchase of the jet, no procurement details are currently available. 
Should Adria reinstate flights from Maribor’s Edvard Rusjan Airport this would appear to be an ideal aircraft to be stationed at the Delavska hranilnica-owned airport, slashing operating costs commensurate with flying in an empty jet from Brnik prior to continuing its onward journey from Maribor.
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