Adria Airways’ two-pronged strategy for their immediate future has seen the Slovenian flag-carrier move away from a desire to expand its route network, opting to shelve plans to broaden its continental reach and instead consolidate existing services, concentrating on maximising passenger load factors.

Strengthening of key routes will form the cornerstone of Adria’s notional blueprint, a stratagem that may become obsolete should the protracted process to privatise the airline finally bear fruit. In the meantime Adria do though have to make plans as the existing, predominately state-owned going concern that it continues to be, at least until a new buyer has been confirmed – a scenario by no means likely or certain. With bases in the Polish city of Lodz, Pristina and Tirana, the Albanian capital, Adria’s operations are not restricted to flying out of Brnik, Slovenia’s primary airport located a few miles outside of Ljubljana. Indeed, it is from its Tirana hub that Adria are introducing a link with Munich, with a four flights per week schedule coming into effect from the end of March 2016, seemingly to fill the void left by Lufthansa whose service between the two cities is slated to simultaneously end. This represents another coup for Adria, who recently ‘saw off’ competition from Swiss Airlines on the Ljubljana-Zurich route. The Munich service increases Adria’s commitment from Tirana to five destinations with Paris, Brussels, Ljubljana and Frankfurt being joined by the new link between Bavaria and the ever expanding South-East European market.

Traffic from Tirana’s Mother Teresa Airport is heavily biased towards the German and Italian markets, perhaps indicating the sizeable Albanian diaspora in both countries. As increasingly large amounts of migrant workers from Kosovo and Albania seek employment opportunities outside of their borders, it is only logical that a heightened demand for quicker modes of transport will become apparent, allowing a more expeditious reuniting of families with gastarbeiters. Adria are not though famed for cheap airfares, a condition that may become a prerequisite for this route to be a long-term success.

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