Adria Airways will once again hold a hegemonic grip on the Ljubljana-Zurich service, following news of Swiss’s decision to discontinue the route it reinstated only nine months ago. It was always difficult to see how both airlines could coexist whilst operating a service that isn’t an obvious route for attracting significant load factor figures. Nevertheless, it is a feather in Adria’s cap that it has seen off its much larger rival and fellow Star Alliance member.

Slovenia’s flag carrier has committed to honouring its twelve weekly flights between Brnik and Zurich, an ambitious number of journeys between both countries as a standalone service from a regional airport, notwithstanding the significant competition from one of the world’s most recognised airline’s previously posed by Swiss, who, prior to shelving their Ljubljana route had cut weekly flights from seven to four.

The loss of an aviational big-hitter is though a blow to Fraport, the German owner of Brnik, who have become accustomed since their 2014 acquisition of Ljubljana Aerodrome to seeing their custodianship of Slovenia’s primary airport as a runaway success, whilst Adria Airways have seemingly lurched from one crisis to the next. New services during 2016 connecting Ljubljana with Warsaw and Athens will though significantly offset the loss of Swiss’s custom. Adria bullishly foresee further European expansion during the coming year but much will depend on the long-anticipated takeover of the state-owned airline, which requires an emergency €8 million liquidity injection to survive the traditionally difficult winter season. Should Adria add extra routes to its summer 2016 schedule it will need to acquire additional aircraft to complement a fleet that is entirely made up of jets it previously sold and subsequently leased back and those hired on Wet Lease terms. Much though will remain hypothetical whilst increasing uncertainty mounts over the airline’s future ownership and direction.

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