The numerous problems surrounding Adria Airways haven’t prevented it honouring a winter schedule that sees few changes to its 2014/15 timetable, other than to increase the frequency of services between Ljubljana and Paris and a ninth weekly flight between Slovenia and Tirana, the Albanian capital.

Adria also operate flights from the Kosovan capital Pristina where its previous winter timetable has been maintained, whilst all services from its Polish base in Lodz and Tirana have increased, despite the unenviable position of the Slovenian flag-carrier relying upon a fleet of aircraft it doesn’t own. Only a succession of sale and lease back deals and Wet Lease agreements have enabled Adria to maintain a presence in the skies but a complete lack of realizable assets has stymied its borrowing capability now that the Slovenian state are no longer willing to underwrite its losses and operational costs. Indeed, the depreciating value of the airline, notwithstanding increased revenue and passenger numbers will almost certainly be reflected in the value of the successful bid during an ongoing and somewhat interminable process of privatisation.

The winter schedule dominated by flights from Adria’s Brnik-base see a new addition in the continuation of the airline’s service connecting Ljubljana with Berlin Tegel that started earlier this year. Another route that commenced during the summer timetable, Ljubljana to Stockholm, has seen a discontinuation of services which may restart during the summer 2016 timetable slated to begin on March 26th. Whilst this schedule remains provisional and underlines the optimal frequency of Adria-operated flights during the winter season, there is nevertheless an unwavering commitment from the airline to display a ‘business as usual’ impression in the face of so much evidence to the contrary.

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