Traditional a fallow period for Slovenia’s airports, the forthcoming winter season promises to be busier than usual for the eastern city of Maribor following news that its Edvard Rusjan Airport is slated to receive several charter flights between Christmas and mid-January from Kharkiv, the second-largest city of Ukraine.

The exact purpose of this short run of flights from the potentially lucrative Ukrainian market is unclear, although the Windrose Airlines service that expects to bring sizeable amounts of tourists to Slovenia on the Airbus A320/A321 class of aircraft could be testing the market viability of connecting the spa resorts of the country’s east that prove so popular with clients from the former Soviet Union. With ongoing tensions between Russia and Kiev precipitating a worldwide downturn in Ukrainian tourist numbers, this albeit small piece of positive news could lead to lengthier services in the future should the route prove to be a success.

Whilst passengers will also have the chance to visit the Pohorje range just a few miles from Maribor their visit will not coincide with the annual FIS-sponsored Golden Fox Slalom race, scheduled for the weekend of 30-31st January. A joined up process of ‘scheduling’ charter flights to coincide with this and other marquee events in the Slovenian sporting and cultural calendar would provide a timely boost for Maribor, whose Adria Airways-operated connection with London Southend will not be extended into the winter months from its original schedule, timetabled to end on 29th September.

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