The catchall Ljubljana Tourist Card enabling visitors to experience a broad range of the Slovenian capital’s attractions has seen a marked increase in sales during the last two months, an incredible 8% of all cards purchased since its launch in 2010 were sold during June and July.

This spike in popularity is perhaps less surprising than the fact that Ljubljana’s Tourist Card has been available for five years, at least four of those where the city’s tourist board appear to have failed to adequately publicise the card’s actual existence. Only by greater exposure of the tourist card and the benefits afforded to purchasers has it begun to gain moderate levels of traction with visitors. Varying in price between €20.70 and €31.50 the card covers stays of 1-3 days and is ideally styled for those indulging in a city break before heading to Slovenia’s Adriatic Coast or its mountainous northwest. Offering outstanding value and a potential saving of €80 depending on the amount of city attractions visited, the card offers a comprehensive and fully integrated solution to travelling around the city on the efficient bus network or under one’s own steam by bicycle.

Increasing the amount of official partners from where the tourist card can be purchased will not only stimulate sales but also heighten the exposure of a wonderful accompaniment to any visit to Ljubljana that, has somewhat hidden its light under a bushel during the last few years except to an enlightened few. Slovenia has all the naturally occurring tools at its disposal for its tourist sector to drag the country out of financial doldrums that has necessitated the state to make fifteen publically-owned companies available for privatisation. The Slovenian Tourist Board’s approach will inevitably depend on the level of assistance it receives from the country’s incumbent administration, an innovative campaign operated on a shoestring budget can only go so far. For Slovenia to prosper all stakeholders need to work in unison and adopt a bold, variegated strategy that best accentuates the diverse landscapes that can all be theoretically accessed during a weekend. The ability to acknowledge that Slovenia can be something to everyone and pitch itself accordingly is a daunting challenge but one from which it must not shirk.

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