In a further boost to Bovec’s Municipality the former Hotel Šola based in Log pod Mangartom(Log under Mangart) has been given a new lease of life as the Hotel Alpina. On the back of the local authority in Bovec acquiring the majority of the Mount Kanin cableway infrastructure and the Prestreljenik mountain restaurant after these hitherto distressed assets repeatedly failed to sell at auction, the rejuvenation of the now Hotel Alpina has undoubtedly only become possible once confidence in the local area’s tourism capabilities had subsequently risen.

Ever since several carriages from the eponymous Kanin gondola in 2013 crashed to the ground bringing a halt to organised winter-sports on the Slovenian side of the mountain, the subsequent winter seasons have seen a marked deterioration in the abandoned lift devices and supporting pylons. Despite concerted efforts to dispose of the assets bids deemed acceptable by creditors and the Official Receiver have failed to materialise, ultimately leading to a little known Slovenian law being executed allowing the local authority where the unsold assets are based to effectively seize control of them, potentially giving power to the Town Hall to superintend key parts of its local area rather than watch helplessly from the sidelines. Much work though still remains for Bovec to realise its desire to reintroduce a fully operational and safe cableway in time for the 2015/16 season but crucially, the tide has finally turned in favour of the resort which can offer the highest skiing in Slovenia.

Falling under the auspices of Bovec’s Municipality, Log pod Mangartom is a spectacular location dominated by over a dozen peaks soaring beyond the 2000 metre mark but primarily takes its name from the mighty Mangart that straddles the Italian-Slovenian frontier. Topping out at over 8,700 feet Mangart poses a serious challenge to even the most finely tuned trekker although affords astonishing views for armchair viewers – similar to Mark Twain who preferred to enjoy the Alps using nothing more than a veranda-based telescope accompanied by a bottle a whisky – from the Koritnica valley.

As part of the conditions of lease between the Municipal landlord and the new tenant of the Alpina, MRKEURO Limited has paid two years in advance to operate the former Hotel Šola, affording the local authority an element of security in the event of the business failing. Viewed more positively it does though reflect a level of faith shown by MRKEURO and its owner Rostyslav Mikhnevych that a renewed wellspring of confidence in the Bovec region has been kick-started by the Kanin lift-system falling under Municipal control, heralding the rebirth of a winter-sports scene so vital to Bovec and the wider area.

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