Amid a backdrop of confirmed industrial action announced by its cabin crew and consternation within the ranks of its pilots Adria Airways have taken delivery of the latest addition to their fleet, a sixteen year old A319(319) class aircraft secured on wet lease terms in time for peak summer trading.

Despite the latest acquisition taking Adria’s operating capacity this summer to twelve aircraft, only one plane is in fact owned by the Brnik-based flag-carrier who just last year dispensed with two of its fleet in an attempt to financially stabilize the company. Whilst its array of routes have since been increased to include flights operated from the Polish city of Lodz and its soon to begin service between Maribor and London Southend, Adria have nevertheless intensified its reliance on sale and lease back agreements to procure additional aircraft for its ambitious network plans. There has been little intimation from the airline’s management as to how many planes it intends to lease over a longer term or if in fact Adria are in a position to buy outright its own aircraft, or, a presaged time when it hopes to be in a position to do so. This business model has undoubtedly helped fuel the discontent within the Slovenian Union of Pilots, some of its members going as far as to wonder out loud if Adria has any future as an airline or if indeed it is currently viable.

The recently retired Air France A319 that has become Adria’s latest fleet addition will shortly be emblazoned with the Slovenian airline’s livery although the temporary nature of the lease agreement will see the famous insignia stuck on, rather than a permanently painted decoration more associated with planes that belong to an airline.

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