Industrial action seemingly scheduled to cause the maximum of disruption at the start of the summer season has been announced by the union who represent Adria Airways’ cabin crews. Timed to inflict considerable problems to the start of the Slovenian flag-carrier’s summer schedule, the one day strike timetabled for June 1st has been cleverly arranged as a significant bargaining tool to leverage a successful outcome from Adria’s management, who are currently involved in ongoing and for the time being confidential negotiations with their employees over a fresh collective bargaining agreement.

It would though seem that Adria’s problems aren’t restricted to the disgruntlement of their cabin crew; members of the union for transport and communications share the concerns of flight attendants which centre on deteriorating working conditions and the stagnating of salaries threatening to be reduced in real-terms as pressure on the short-haul aviation industry intensifies. There are also issues of rest days needing to be more clearly defined, to remove the increasing instances of workers being expected to report for duty during their designated time off. Fatigue obviously plays a large part in the lives of aircraft workers on the front line and whilst it is not suggested that Adria has a complete disregard for its employees, there are undoubtedly areas where the stances of both parties are diametrically opposed.

Coming on the back of encouraging data of passenger uptake on its raft of established and embryonic routes, the news of disharmony within its ranks will have stung Adria’s management but not wishing to stymie the flow of positive news emanating from the Brnik-based airline, it is anticipated a consensus will be reached to forestall a strike that would make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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