For anyone travelling independently throughout Slovenia’s northwestern province of Gorenjska Alpetour’s reliable presence has for many years made it a mainstay on the public-transport network. Financial data recently released for 2014 confirmed Group Alpetour’s continuing profitability, complementing similarly impressive figures posted by its travel agency subsidiary that have attracted acquisitive glances from British-based Arriva, who count Germany’s Deutsche Bahn amongst its portfolio of interests.

In a report published by Ljubljana’s Stock Exchange Alpetour’s market-value was given a further shot in the arm, decreased operating costs arising from efficiency savings and lower than expected fuel tariffs were supplemented by increased revenue generated by a spike in passenger numbers; recouped excise duty on commercially-used fuel further enhancing Alpetour’s bottom-line although the Ministry of Infrastructure’s simplified method of subsidization has seen a sharp increase in students using mass transit services. Whilst it is unlikely a publically listed company will primarily seek a holistic methodology as the cornerstone of its business model, a very real desire from the Ministry of Infrastructure to reduce car use and the attendant carbon footprint has been successfully implemented thanks to a policy of subsidization and a modernised fleet of vehicles at the disposal of Alpetour, twenty two of which were obtained last year to adjunct the investment strategy of Integral Jesenice Car, the parent company of the travel agency subsidiary who recently took possession of a significant parcel of land designed to expand its car dealership operations in the eponymously named frontier town.

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