The Swiss-based Sophos Hotels SA group have by mutual consent cancelled two years into a decade-long contract an agreement to operate two of Kranjska Gora’s most well known hotels, the Prisank and Larix. Prefixed by their more recognised brand moniker Ramada, both hotels will for the time being retain the insignia of Sophos’s marquee proprietary name but over the long term seem set to revert to their previous designations, owner HIT Nova Gorica announcing through their Kranjska Gora-based subsidiary HIT Alpinea that a better understanding of their target demographics and an increased level of professionalism at both the Prisank and Larix have enabled the hotels’ parent company to uncouple itself from Sophos, albeit with a lasting legacy from their two years at the helm.

Increased standards and a more professional air throughout both hotels have created suitable conditions for HIT to invest in both properties whilst rescheduling its liabilities, although a search for additional finance to recapitalise the company and solutions to further pare down its obligations remain ongoing processes. Local politicians are though sceptical that any positive influence brought to bear from Sophos/Ramada on the Larix and Prisank made any tangible difference to visitor numbers, the one true gauge of the financial health of a hotel. After a winter season that was generally declared to be steady if unspectacular the management of HIT Alpinea forecast 8% of growth for the year ahead, taking into account the forthcoming summer season being less dependent on climatic variables than an at times volatile winter season, relatively low-altitude resorts such as Kranjska Gora being particularly vulnerable to the capricious nature of alpine weather. A tangible legacy from Sophos’s reign will though remain, with efficiency savings from improved business practices and reduced energy consumption bearing all the hallmarks of Swiss orderliness and best practice.

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