Pohorje, the green-lungs of Slovenia’s second-city Maribor has announced its programme for the summer season that offers visitors to this hilly region of the country’s east a varied array of activities, despite the absence of a fully functional bike park.

Its geographical situation makes an inclusion in the reciprocal ticket available for cyclists using Kranjska Gora, Vogel above Bohinj and their Gorenjska-based counterpart Krvavec logistically impossible although a summer sledging course is available, as is an adventure park. Maribor’s state-owned mass-transit company Marprom have extended their contract to operate and maintain Pohorje’s chairlift during the warmer months(in conjunction with private enterprise Enjoyment Pohorje), their previous agreement in effect saving Pohorje from the ignominy of being unable to fulfill its winter sports obligations, especially the lucrative and long-standing annual Golden Fox race which, despite the extremely modest altitude the course occupies is considered to be a staple on the women’s World Cup slalom circuit. Maribor cannot afford to default on a race so ingrained within its identity, a theoretical scenario which could see it removed from the FIS World Cup roster but which its municipality was understandably unwilling to countenance. A successful 2014/15 winter season under the auspices of Marprom makes them the obvious choice to continue operations; it is though unclear if the local authority wishes to maintain complete control of Pohorje’s cableway or wish to seek a more permanent operator from the private sector, which, despite relieving the local authority of the inevitable financial burden would remove a level of control it currently seems to be comfortable with.
Chairlift operating hours are relatively modest but pragmatic when compared to other resorts, reflecting the fact that Pohorje is primarily a winter resort, visitor figures during the summer being somewhat dwarfed by those of winter-sports enthusiasts. 
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