The future of several of Lake Bled’s mainstay tourist accommodation providers looks uncertain with news that Novi Kondor, the operator of hotels Krim, Ribno, Vila Preseren and Hostel Vila Victorija has at the behest of creditors entered receivership, the company’s liabilities amounting to €86.4 million to the year ending 2013, the last time the organisation released financial data into the public domain.

With creditors including a raft of Slovenian banking institutions, it is uncertain how many cents per euro(€) owed will be reimbursed but the future looks particularly bleak for a company whose retained profit and cash reserves are heavily dwarfed by its liabilities. Creditors have nearly three weeks in which to file their claims, by when the quartet of banks may have been joined by several others that Novi Kondor are obliged to in some way recompense.

Operated under the Sportina Turizem banner Novi Kondor’s website tonight gives the impression of business continuing as usual; it would make little sense for the company to cease trading on the cusp of the summer season although, it is clear that it cannot remain viable if its hotels continue to hemorrhage money. British package-holiday travellers will be familiar with the Ribno and in particular Hotel Krim, a well-run three star establishment whose grotesquely ugly exterior incongruously juxtaposes against some of the best panoramas to be found in alpine Slovenia. Sadly for the Krim its appearance is more akin to a facility where the designation of its residents corresponds to the hotel’s appellation, the brutalist architecture more in keeping with what the residents of the country’s notorious Dob Prison might expect. Despite having become an iconic edifice for its sheer affront to Bled’s superficial beauty, I sincerely hope the Krim survives and in time can be externally renovated. Its hardworking and diligent staff deserve nothing less.

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