Kufstein is set to launch the latest addition to the area’s mountain-lift network, an updated version of the Kaiser chairlift that sees all but two associated buildings and original supports replaced as part of the infrastructure now in the possession of the Tyrolean city’s director of public utilities, after a successful trial period had been formally completed.

An unveiling slated for 2nd May will complement two areas at altitude dedicated to enhancing the visitor experience for those utilising the upgraded chairlift, a viewing platform and telescope affording panoramic vistas and seating roughly equidistant between the Brentenjoch peak and Brentenjochalm refuge. Additional resting points are also in the offing for those continuing towards the Gamskogel summit and Hochegg. The valley(talstation) starting point sees a renovated toilet block as part of the whole refurbishment project that includes a newly installed panorama map to orientate visitors of the immediate and wider area that borders Bavaria.
The project’s budget hasn’t been disclosed but the €15 hin und zurueck to travel the four sections of the lift suggests that the municipality are keen to keep costs low to attract patrons throughout the year, the 2,150 season-passes already sold suggesting the citizens of the Tyrol’s second-largest city are fully embracing this opportunity to commune with nature. In an area far more renowned for industry than tourism, this modest piece of infrastructure will primarily benefit locals but day-trippers from nearby Germany will also enjoy a different perspective of the Wilder Kaiser range. Projects that seek to sympathetically renovate existing lift-systems instead of shoehorning additional cableways onto already crowded mountainsides are preferable but sadly, form very much the exception than the rule in modern-day Austria,
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