While minds of lakes and mountains aficionados will for the time being at least be focused on the winter-sports season – and with some justification with the forthcoming golden trio of the Lauberhorn & Hahnenkamm downhills and Schladming night slalom races on the immediate agenda – I find my preoccupation centred upon the summer season in the Alps – in effect May until September.

Bohinj inevitably figures highly in my thoughts, as it has done now for over 15 years. New routes are sought, old ones rerun in ones mind, always to be mentally and literally returned to at a later date. One such favourite being the Ribcev Laz-Pecs-Rudnica-Stara Fuzina hike, a perfect start and/or denouement to bookend your vacation in the Bohinj area. One particular walk of interest was recently reviewed in Gorenjsi Glas(Voice) and can be embarked upon in isolation, as part of a more expansive ridge walk or longer hut to hut expedition.

This hike is to Mount Rodica, towering above Ribcev Laz and Bohinj, and can be commenced from a variety of areas, very much depending on your desired starting point, where in the Bohinj area your accommodation is sited and what your longer term agenda encompasses. The article highlights a starting point at the end of the Laski Rovt settlement, assuming you are approaching this village from Bohinjska Bistrica. One alternative way is to use the Vogel cableway from Ukanc to the Rjava Skala top station, then following the at times arduous path to the summit of Vogel itself, opening up a ridge walk that takes in a variety of peaks that tantalizingly lie just under 2000 metres. This relatively modest altitude shouldn’t though fool anyone. On its day the vista can offer the finest views of every description, stretching as far as the Adriatic, Pokljuka, Triglav and Tolmin. This route is at times difficult and the area, especially around Vogel is vulnerable to lightning strikes but once the weather forecast has been followed and sensible precautions taken, most meteorological conditions shouldn’t cause walkers of intermediate abilities and above any issues. I must though state that if there is any ambiguity in the weather forecast, particularly relating to fog, high winds and electrical storms, this is not a route to be taken lightly or, even embarked upon at all. Notwithstanding the obvious risks to life and limb, the object of the exercise would very much be defeated if the panoply of rewarding views are obscured by the capriciousness of the alpine weather.

The article in Gorenjski Glas correctly states to allow six hours for this not inconsiderable hike although, a difficulty grading of three out of five is perhaps a little conservative. With a reasonable level of fitness, strict adherence to the weather and a realistic assessment of your own and accompanying party’s abilities, this rewarding trek is certainly achievable for the many, not the few.

The Gorenjski Glas(Voice) article can be viewed in full, after utilising the translation tool in your particular browser at: Gorenjski Glas: Rodica – a walk for all seasons.