Slovenia’s primary airport based at Brnik have just announced an astonishing 30.8% fall in net profit for 2014. Despite this seemingly catastrophic drop the number of passengers passing through actually increased to 1.34 million, a rise of 1.3%. 

Whatever the cause of this sharp financial decline, it would appear that Fraport’s acquisition of Ljubljana airport has not come a moment too soon. Whilst part of the 2014 financial year saw Fraport assume control of Brnik as its majority shareholder, it is obviously too early for them to have affected a serious change in the airport’s fortunes. Their in effect three months at the helm would surely have been used as a watching brief, to assess the health of the business, top down. If though they were previously in any doubt of the task ahead of them, yesterday’s announcement will surely have dispelled any final traces of ambivalence. 
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