The ongoing Bohinj 2864 venture has been nothing if not controversial, from its inception on the drawing-board to the defiant and ongoing rhetoric espoused by its progenitors. Landowner disputes, environmental concerns and funding issues have seen the project mired in controversy from the very start. The harsh economic realities that have in recent years beset several of Slovenia’s ski resorts, most notably of late at Maribor Pohorje, brings into sharp-focus the financial tightrope at times being painstakingly negotiated by many of Europe’s low-altitude resorts and by definition, the less snow-sure.

It would seem that the glacial progress of the Bohinj 2864 project will not gather apace until the final financial and landowner obstacles can be surmounted although, the acrimony engendered by the scheme will be felt throughout the area for some considerable time. As stated by a member behind the Bohinj 2864 project, it will only be in a few years time when the rights and wrongs of the enterprise can be fully judged. For all concerned, it is to be hoped that the capricious alpine weather isn’t the stakeholder with the greatest, and final, say in the matter.

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