The floodgates have well and truly opened. From those early days of complaining of the lack of webcams covering the Alpine regions of Europe, and in particular Slovenia, there now seems to be an endless supply of umbrella-websites hosting the best mountainous views that the continent has to offer. I think though it says more about the shortcomings of my internet searches, rather than a sudden explosion of URLs jumping on the Lakes and Mountains bandwagon. 

Much like a holiday in the Alps, tracking down these websites has made for a more pleasant arrival than the journey to locate them. Finding them is the hard part, but doing so ends up being more than worth it. The latest offering is primarily a site for amateur meteorologists, if its appellation is anything to go by. Based in Vienna this website doesn’t seem to have an Austrian bias, despite providing some interesting new viewpoints of the Tirol and beyond(all Austrian provinces are covered). At the risk of labouring a well-worn point, I am pleased to see Slovenia is included to the extent that it is, although, considering it shares a substantial border with Austria surely this should anyway be the case. Those following the burning-issues of the day will be intrigued by the webcams from Ukraine although I was disappointed to note the offering from the Faroe Islands was down, either permanently or just for maintenance.
Comparing websites that offer the armchair-viewer a window to an Alpine world is though a thankless task. Whilst some are more lavish and have incorporated expensively designed features, the raison d’etre of each needs to be carefully considered; some are for weather enthusiasts, others act as a visual public-relations exercise for a particular region or country but many, I would hope, are there just to share the majestic splendour of the Alps with like minded viewers. Judge for yourself; I hope you find plenty of views that brighten up your day.