Umbrella websites hosting webcams showcasing the best views from Europe’s alpine resorts tend to be ten a penny. For many years I personally favoured Panoramablick and Feratel webcams as my viewing platforms of choice, both offering similar in terms of content but with individual quirks. More recently though I have found sites such as HribiPanomax & Skiweather to not only raise the bar but sail over it, Dick Fosbury style.

As previously discussed in this blog it was to my eternal consternation that many sites purporting to be one-stop-shops for alpine webcams failed to carry any real-time images from Slovenian mountain resorts, such as Bohinj(Vogel), Pohorje and Kranjska Gora. Despite lacking the ‘pile it high’ volume of resorts offered by others, I always enjoyed viewing Panoramablick for its understated and informative approach, albeit with a heavy bias towards Austria. Having just today checked it out after a long hiatus, I am pleased to say it would seem they have moved with the times and are now showcasing many more cameras from Europe, and indeed worldwide. Particularly gratifying for me is the inclusion of webcams from Slovenia, including Bohinj, Kranjska Gora, Triglav, Kranj, Maribor and a somewhat random inclusion of Murska Sobota: Panoramablick – Slovenia

A website that has only recently come to my attention is – a portal of information predominantly aimed at the Austrian tourist market, targeting both national and international patrons. Whilst a site like this that spreads itself somewhat thinly can be in danger of not taking any particular component-part it includes sufficiently seriously, Bergfex treats each area covered with the reverence that it merits. The webcam section, only a small part of what the ‘site offers is extensive, with hundreds of cameras to be found trained upon the sites that andanists, hikers and armchair aficionados demand to see. Just taking Austria as an example the Tirol alone is represented by 136 cameras, although every province in the country is amply covered. If you are therefore a fan of Flachau, a disciple of the Dachstein or a Graz groupie you will be more than satiated. Other countries are covered more sporadically, with Switzerland being particularly favoured. Slovenia on the other hand is dealt a rawer deal with only two resorts making the cut, albeit with comprehensive overviews of  Maribor-Pohorje including the Areh, Habakuk, Piramida and airport cameras, as well as a rare but welcome snapshot of Velika Planina. It is hoped that over time this site will bulk up what it brings to view from Slovenia but also from the likes of Liechtenstein.

Both Panoramablick and Bergflex have now joined the lakes and mountains webcam ‘big league’, proving that even in a crowded marketplace there is room for the many and not just the few. I hope you can find through your own investigations of these two sites many views that will send your spirits soaring.