You may recall last year, after having returned from Bohinj I wrote to the Tourism Minister – a copy of the letter can be found in this blog posted on 2nd December 2013 – over the parlous state of some of the hotel stock in the Bohinj area, namely the Zlatorog, Bellevue and the Ski Hotel at Rjava Skala.

Now, I never really expected a reply from the good minister and as of yet, I haven’t been disappointed. I do though wonder if my words have had some effect. At the time of writing to the powers-that-be the Zlatorog and Ski Hotel were shut, the Bellevue wasn’t but might as well have been. My research tells me that the Zlatorog remains closed and the Bellevue, seeing as it is not presently taking reservations through, has also fallen by the wayside, either shutting for the winter(unlikely) or closed-down indefinitely. So, I hear you say, what have your words done to effectuate the situation for the better? The answer seems to be, through my words shaming the tourism mandarins or by complete happenstance, another reincarnation of the Ski Hotel Vogel. Now, it really does get my goat that this hotel includes in it’s appellation the word “Vogel”. It is not atop Mount Vogel, as many who’ve never visited but have written about it would tell you. It is merely at the top-station of the Vogel cable-car, itself also indulging in a disingenuous title. Yes, a cableway of the highest repute but Vogel? Really? The bottom station is at Ukanc, the top at Rjava Skala, at 1535 metres. To get to the SUMMIT of Vogel involves a not inconsiderable hike over rough and sometimes unpleasant terrain, topping out at 1922 metres. This is why I suggested that the hotel be renamed the Rjava Skala, thus losing it’s misleading sobriquet and also the word “Ski” which indicates it only has the potential to be a winter bolthole.

Whether this is the start of something new at the Ski Hotel or merely an exercise akin to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, time will tell. The exterior of the building is iconically ugly, thus ensuring fierce debates over whether it should be retained in its current guise or completely flattened, replaced by a modern but sympathetic structure. At the moment it can comfortably be agreed upon by all parties that it is neither modern or sympathetic to the wonderful location it inexplicably finds itself in. Inevitably, the interior has been modernised and from what I can see, it has been done with some thought but at the same time, with an eye on possible failure. It is perhaps the wisest approach considering the numerous false-starts of the past.

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Ski Hotel Vogel – Ski Hotel Vogel