Much of the established accommodation-stock in the Lake Bohinj area has deteriorated over the years, namely the Bellevue, Zlatorog and the Ski Hotel, making it at times difficult to source acceptable and available overnight lodgings. Bohinj has failed to make the most of what it has, especially as the area has a moratorium on further developments – which I agree with – that would be construed as being visually detrimental to the Triglav National Park in which it sits.

Of course, there are still notable exceptions; the likes of the Jezero and Kristal provide a first-class service and are advantageously positioned. The lack though of other quality accommodation close to Bohinjsko Jezero makes it especially difficult to acquire a room when demand inevitably outstrips supply, leaving one no option but to take what one can get.

Whilst it can be argued that I have given the aforementioned trio of hotels too much oxygen on this blog, it is undisputed that accommodation such as the Pod Voglom has continued to operate under the radar by providing cheap(in a good way) holidays, which they have done for many years. Set back from the motorised side of the lake, the Pod Voglom(under Vogel) resides in leafy, spacious grounds that contain innumerable outward-bound style pursuits, which in a nutshell is their stock in trade. Operated by Pac Sports, the Pod is more than just hostel-style accommodation to rest your head; if all you want to use it for is a cheap base to explore the immediate and distant surroundings, you will be more than happy. However, where the PV really does come into it’s own is the veritable panoply of summer sports it organises, ranging from exploring the numerous caves in the area, canyoning, hydrospeed to trekking.

Have I stayed there? I admit that I haven’t. Why? I am very much a creature-comforts type of traveller who likes his four-star relative luxury. If though I was unable to get a room at the Bohinj Park Eco Hotel, the Jezero or Kristal, I wouldn’t have an issue with staying at the Pod Voglom. Many of their rooms offer dormitory style accommodation with shared bathrooms which aren’t for me. This though of course has it’s place and a target-market of it’s own, namely backpackers and school-parties. Rooms with private bathroom are available and from the reviews that I’ve read, the Pod punches well above it’s weight and puts some of the local accommodation to shame. The thing I like most of all about this place is that it has LASTED. Location alone is not enough to guarantee strong customer-numbers and recommendations. Whilst the Pod Voglom has everything going for it in the location stakes, it is unarguable that the Bellevue, Zlatorog and the Ski Hotel also benefit from being wonderfully positioned. So, what is the difference? I would suggest that the PV knows it’s market, doesn’t rest upon it’s laurels, updates it’s infrastructure & offer and perhaps more importantly, is marketed by a competent management team. No accommodation in the Bohinj area should be lying empty or neglected, as the three fallen giants of yesteryear have latterly found themselves. Whilst mass tourism is not something I wish to encourage in this picture-perfect area of the world, it pains me to see so many visitors coming for the day but then retreating to their digs in Bled or maybe Ljubljana.

A lot of positives can be learned from the Pod Voglom. I wish them continued success.

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