A couple of further interesting websites have come to my attention, just when it seemed I had exhausted what was on offer.

http://www.webcamera.pl is pretty straightforward as it shows what it says on the tin: webcams from Poland.. So what, I hear you say? Well, firstly, Poland has some wonderful mountains to explore, namely the Tatra range that straddle the border with Slovakia, not Slovenia; why do some many confuse the two? Secondly, whilst I am a slave to finding new alpine webcams and umbrella sites containing them, I am also interested in webcams of cities and historical places of interest. This therefore offers a fascinating glimpse of what Poland has to offer to the traveller and also, serving the interests of the many Polish ex-pats living around Western Europe. The Tatra’s used to be a devil to get to if, yes you guessed it, one lived in the north-west of England but now, what with the amount of routes into Poland that Ryanair provide, it is entirely feasible to plan a successful alpine exploration to this hitherto overlooked country. Aside from the relative charms of Zakopane and it’s surroundings, I have been impressed with the inclusion on this website of cameras covering parts of Poland’s Baltic coastline.

http://www.the-webcam-network.com is a curious site, which I will be first to admit to not even as of yet scratched the surface of. Essentially, it is an umbrella-site allegedly showcasing cameras from, well, almost everywhere. There is even an appellation for No Man’s Land which certainly filled me with curiosity. Sadly, it wasn’t quite what it seemed, as was the case when I clicked onto the Slovenia rubric but found very few views of it. Another example of this somewhat perplexing website was clicking on the Austrian resort of Altenmarkt but getting a selection of Croatian and Italian cameras, many with prosaic views of motorways/dual-carriageways. I am though minded to persevere with this site as it potentially offers a bewildering array of webcams from the furthest-reaches of the globe and also, there is an element of fun attached to clicking on what you think is one resort/location but actually getting somewhere completely different!

Webcams of Poland

The Webcam Network