Below is my alpine webcam view of the day:
More details for the area can be found at:
Having hosted another successful night-slalom on Tuesday evening, Schladming looks a wonderful area to explore in the Winter or the warmer months. To the uninitiated this area looks typically Tyrolean but is in fact located in Styria(in German Steiermark); not only does it trade upon it’s own merits but this area also serves as a gateway to the picturesque Hallstatt and spectacular Dachstein region. The Tyrol is all things Austria to many people but this terrific corner of Styria is definitely worth visiting especially whilst it exists somewhat under the radar, at least among British tourists. I am only aware of Thomson/Crystal taking guests to Schladming but surprisingly, Inghams, those doyens of the Lakes & Mountains industry give it a wide-berth. The only reason I can think of why they might do this is that there are no other resorts nearby which are included in their Summer programme, therefore not allowing them to have a resort-representative who ‘hot-desks’ it between resorts, as one for example might do in Niederau, Oberau and Auffach. That ‘rule’ though does also apply to Thomson/Crystal and to their credit, Schladming is a welcome addition to their programme.
Thomson Lakes – Schladming