As you will now undoubtedly be aware, I am somewhat unashamedly a Lakes & Mountains tragic. If I am not in the Alps I like to view the stunning vistas that I so miss when not there but luxuriate in when I am. To this end I have become somewhat slavish in my search for websites that offer the views that I have seen in person, along with landscapes that up to now I have yet to visit but someday hope to do so. Oh, but is there enough time and money in ones lifetime to go everywhere one wants? I suspect this is a rhetorical question, par excellence. 

I have been fortunate enough to stumble across a website that has improbably raised the bar yet further. I say improbably because the likes of Feratel provide a bewildering panoply of choice that can satiate even the pickiest alpinist. are ostensibly a service for winter-sports enthusiasts but I can only presume that they operate all year round, considering most cameras that relay images from the slopes are switched on 12 months of the year but more importantly, are equally as relevant to today’s skier as they are to Spring-Autumn hikers and mountaineers.
What I like about is the unapologetic depth it goes into, in many different ways. Firstly, the range of countries that it covers is formidable but tellingly, like so many other sites it does not include Slovenian cameras. Why? As you will imagine the normal suspects are included but also Sweden, Finland, Norway and Spain, countries with underrated but genuine alpine credentials. I am though particularly impressed with the many rubrics that can be clicked upon which open up a raft of further options, really narrowing down, in a positive sense, the search-possibilities. For example, below is such a preference that I actioned:
  1. Click on/hover over the webcam heading
  2. Go to the skiing option
  3. Execute a Berghutte(mountain hut) search
  4. Like all the options on the website, you will then be given the A-Z results of your search parameters. The choice is staggering. I am overwhelmed by the innumerable options available, crucially all under the umbrella of this one website.
Equally as impressive are the up-to-date weather reports from all the resorts that this website showcases; there are hundreds of them. Thoughtfully, by every resorts’ weather-forecast there are links to the official-website for that particular area; a simple but effective way to research your vacation from tee to green – view the webcam then book your holiday.
There are so many algorithmic options involved in this website that I must congratulate the developer and owner who have decided if an alpine website is worth doing, it needs to be done properly. They have certainly done that, and then some. Whilst I have only just scratched the website’s surface for what it has to offer I can nevertheless confirm what a terrific resource this is for the casual webcam surfer, the dedicated alpinist & skier and travel-professionals alike. I have given you a taste of what it has to offer but can in no way articulate in a manner that does it sufficient justice. I therefore urge you to take a look at it yourselves but be warned, before you know where you are several hours might well have elapsed!
One final tip: click on the ‘random ski resort’ drop-down link from the Reviews rubric. You will then be greeted with fifty randomly generated resorts with useful traveller reviews and webcam links. This truly is a remarkable website, a real tour de force.