Recently I have been extensively perusing the Thomson and Inghams Lakes & Mountains brochures. Now, I don’t want you to think I do so solely to seek out any errors contained within them, far from it. However, I do think it is my duty to flag up any issues regarding these doyens of the Lakes & Mountains field, especially if they are to the detriment of the traveller and ultimately, are doing the image of the aforementioned companies no good at all.

It is with some dismay that I have noticed that Thomson Lakes & Mountains include the likes of Schladming, Scheffau and Lech within their programme but on a ‘web only’ basis; in other words they do not contain the details of theses resorts in their brochure, instead, accessing their website is the only way of eliciting the vital information needed so as to make an informed choice on the hotels the aforementioned resorts have to offer. 
Now, there may be a perfectly good reason for all this. If though it is to save money on printing-costs, it seems more than a tad stingy, especially as these resorts have so much to offer. It shouldn’t be overlooked that not all customers of a certain age, or perhaps any age, have the internet or want to book through the web, preferring to do so in person at a travel-agents. There are of course also security-implications for paying for a holiday over the internet, however safe a website may espouse itself to be.
If Thomson think there will be insufficient interest in the likes of Scheffau, Schladming and Lech that they view including these resorts in a hard-copy brochure as pointless, why have them in their programme in the first place? It does seem strange to on the one hand make it difficult to book a trip to one of these resorts but on the other put them on a par with the others that they cover through their website.
So, as you will see from the title of this post, I come to Westendorf. It too was one of the resorts supposedly available to be viewed through Thomson as a ‘web only’ resort. With that in mind I thought it well worth a look, seeing as I have never viewed Westendorf as an option to travel to but with no particular reason for saying that. It was though somewhat perplexing to find that not only was it no longer included in the print-version of Thomson’s brochure but having been directed to their website to cast my eye over what it has to offer, it wasn’t there either! Bizarre.
And so, Westendorf and its charms will remain a mystery to me for sometime yet.