Hot on the heels of Inghams unceremoniously giving Auffach the chop from it’s 2014 programme, I have now learned that the The Austrian Explorer multi-centre holiday has lost Obergurgl from it’s itinerary but gained Mayrhofen. I accept that tour-programmes can be fluid and subject to change at relatively short-notice but really, the preview brochure should be honoured by Inghams unless the circumstances are unavoidable, which of course these may be. However, it might have been more professional of Inghams if they had explained the rationale behind the change.

I felt having Obergurgl in this multi-centre tour was a bold choice which would’ve definitely appealed to the the Alpine-purist. It is therefore for this reason I am most disappointed they’ve replacing it with Mayrhofen, which is very much a ‘safe’ choice but not a like-for-like alternative. A Galtuer or an Ischgl would’ve been a measure-for-measure alternative and therefore given a more-rounded and contrasting slant to what the Tyrol has to offer, both in the scenery and challenge of terrain.

Finally, continuing the theme of looking outside of their Tyrolean comfort-zone, I propose to Inghams that they include Kuehtai and Heiligenblut in future programmes. They must cater for everyone and take a few bold but calculated risks. The Tyrol, despite many of it’s resorts being known to the British traveller, is largely undiscovered by all but the independent traveller.